What is a Mentor?

What Does A Mentor Do?

We work with our clients to develop lifestyle, organizational and social skills that prepare them for the world. Our mentoring service helps develop life and coping skills while putting them into practice — and then goes even further. We can help with practical tasks such as creating resumes, job hunting, meal planning, creating a workout regimen, or any area that the client may be stuck. In addition, we can act as a sobriety coach and companion for those that have struggled (or are still struggling) with addiction.

How are mentoring activities really going to help?

Clients come to us for help with real life, everyday issues — things as simple as learning to cook or using a Google calendar. Learning these practical tasks is essential to creating balance and independence; putting skills into action is key for life long changes. Sometimes in life, we need someone to walk beside us while we tackle the areas that are hard; sometimes our clients feel lost, anxious, or incapable- sometimes our clients think “I got this”. A mentor can help a person see that their are many ways of being in the world and we can help find the way that fits the best.

You Can Have Successful Relationships, Increase Productivity And Develop Healthy Habits

Our mentoring service can help you find the balance in life that you have been missing. Once you gain a bit of self-sufficiency, confidence begins to increase. When you feel healthy and confident, it’s more likely that you will engage in meaningful relationships with those around you. We can help you discover your passion, find a better life/work balance, and start using your gifts in a positive way.

We have a variety of mentors with a vast array of experience ensuring that you will match with the mentor that can best work with your needs. So, as you sort through the various programs that Boulder/Denver presents, take the time to compare our various offerings. You will find that Expand Mentoring is second to none.

Ready to take the next step? We’re glad to answer any questions you may have about mentoring and how we can enhance your life.

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