Zoe H
People’s Operations Generalist
Senior Mentor
Certified Addiction Technician

Zoe H

People’s Operations Generalist
Senior Mentor
MA, Certified Addiction Technician


Zoe knows people, loves people, and has one of the most honest ways of working with staff and clients that allows them to be truly who they are without judgment. That’s why she is one of our Senior Mentors while also thriving in the role of People Operations Generalist. She guides all of us to be conscientious of how we show up in the world individually and within our team. Zoë grew up partly in Mexico (where she lives now, seeing clients virtually) but also in Boulder where she spent her younger years riding the bus system around, getting to know all the different aspects of the community, and figuring out what she wanted to do with her life. She eventually studied in NYC, getting her degree in Forensic Psychology before moving to San Diego and enjoying some sunshine. Eventually she moved back to Boulder and focused on her studies in mental health, spending time working in a variety of settings before realizing that therapeutic mentoring and her private therapy practice were exactly the perfect fit for how she wanted to engage with others and the world. Zoe currently holds multiple trainings in mental health and various modalities including certification in Substance Use Treatment (ACA) and as a Registered Psychotherapist in Colorado. Zoe enjoys her work as a therapeutic mentor immensely and especially enjoys the clients that self-identify as “weird”. She works especially well with anyone who is neurodivergent or identifies in some capacity with the LGTBTQIA2S+ community. Zoe is a huge cat lover, having two, and you can talk to her about everything from movies to books to video games to herbs to baseball.

What is your name? Zoë

What is your nickname? You have to make up your own once you know me!

Where did you grow up? Boulder, CO and Veracruz, Mexico

What was your favorite class in school? Systems Theory, Theoretical Math, Poetry

Who was your favorite band growing up? Tori Amos, Led Zeppelin, Hans Zimmer, Backstreet Boys (duh). I was an eclectic child.

Name your 3 favorite jobs you’ve had? Therapeutic mentoring! I also love teaching at the university level and doing research.

What do you love doing more than anything else in the world? Cats and my people.

What’s your favorite food? Pho. Or any variation I can cook up on my own!

Chocolate or vanilla? Call or text? Truth or dare? Is this ice cream flavors? Then vanilla. With the beans//Texting is highly superior for most things//Depends on my mood.

What is your greatest accomplishment? Learning how to hold myself in compassion. It’s daily work but I am proud of where I am at.

What do you know now that you wish you knew then? There are no bad parts, only parts that are trying to communicate something to us, but we can’t hear them because we were never taught how to listen.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I always wanted to be a writer. I think I am always working toward that in some capacity.


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