Zack H

Zack H


Zack grew up in Dayton, O-H-I-O but life brought him to Colorado where he graduated with a BA in Anthropology from the University of Colorado (Go Buffs). He is a man of the outdoors which led him to working as an outdoor educator, ski technician, and a photographer. Growing up exploring the wild places in the midwest, he continues to foster a connection to the outdoors through climbing, skiing, and hiking. He has summited 15 of Colorado’s 14,000 foot peaks, and has been playing in the outdoors across the west since settling in the front range in 2016. His connection to mental health and recovery is through personal experience, where he has drawn on a support team including mentors to foster a journey of mental and physical health. He understands what changing patterns means and believes that support starts with showing up consistently, authentically, and honestly~ and that is what he instills in his clients. Fun fact: He plays eleven instruments, including clarinet, bass, and piano, and has worked as a studio session musician in Colorado and Ohio.

What is your first name? Zachary

What is your nickname? Zack

Where did you grow up? Dayton, OH

What was your favorite class in school (k-grad school)? Geology! We got to go out and study the formations and rocks around Boulder, in the flatirons, red rocks, and Boulder Creek.

Who was your favorite band growing up? The Beatles, but for a more interesting answer, Radiohead.

Name your 3 favorite jobs you’ve had? Outdoor education taking kids climbing, a ski technician, and a photographer’s assistant.

What do you love doing more than anything else in the world? If I can be outside on a mountain pushing myself physically and mentally, I’m happy.

What’s your favorite food? Hands down, no question, chicken wings.

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate, 10 times out of 10.

Text or phone call? Text!

Your greatest accomplishment? Consciously improving my interpersonal relationships and going from a two-time college dropout to a Magna Cum Laude graduate!

What do you know now that you wish you knew then? An amount of effort can yield twice the amount of reward if you’re patient and kind to yourself and others.

What did you want to be when you grew up? A pilot, an astronaut, and a cowboy.

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