Sarah C,
Client Care Coordinator

Sarah C

Client Care Coordinator



Sarah is what we like to call- our magic unicorn. She has served many roles within Expand but now serves as our trusted Client Care Coordinator as well as an amazing Mentor. She completed her MA in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling at Naropa University and completed her undergraduate in Psychology and Communications. She is committed to working with people to uncover their personal strengths and discover new ways of viewing themselves and the world. She believes connection is fundamental to healing and growth and that our current society stunts this need with unfulfilling values and standards. Her mission is to reconnect with personal meaning using holistic and contemplative approaches.

What is your name? Sarah Carpenter

What is your nickname? Scarp

Where did you grow up? North of Boston.

What was your favorite class in school? Creative writing and Australian Indigenous studies in Perth Australia.

Who was your favorite band growing up? Dave Matthews Band

Name your 3 favorite jobs you’ve had? Being a family assistant/Nanny, a cake decorator, and a design thinking consultant.

What do you love doing more than anything else in the world? Going on adventures with my dog.

What’s your favorite food? Pasta (love my carbs)…or tacos…I can’t decide!

Chocolate or vanilla? call or text? truth or dare? Chocolate 100%, Text, Truth

What is your greatest accomplishment? Getting to where and who I am today!

What do you know now that you wish you knew then? You shine brightest and are your strongest when you are unconditionally you, even if that means standing alone.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Be a National Geographic photographer and write for a magazine about cultures around the world…aka a traveler.

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