Arianne N

Arianne N


Arianne is loyal as it comes, that’s why her clients stay with her and trust her to guide them on their path to happiness and greatness. We can all learn enormously from her passion and drive to lead people in a way that allow us to show up authentically in every situation. That is why she is a perfect fit for the role of Client Happiness Engineer Case Consultant and Senior Mentor. As a teenager, Arianne learned she loved working with people on sparking what brings them joy and how to navigate the world in a way that suits them. Arianne has been working in the mental health field for over a decade in a multitude of roles from teaching horseback riding to running a transitional living home. Arianne believes that each individual requires a unique approach to whatever it is they are seeking out for support. Arianne brings depth, humor, and a lot of honesty to her work as a mentor. Arianne works with a diverse array of clients who are seeking support building skills with anxiety/depression, social anxiety, navigating the world as a neurodiverse person, and attachment. When not mentoring other lovely humans, Arianne can be found at coffee shops with her favorite latte, snuggling her cat Penny, or cooking in her fabulously decorated home.

What is your name? Arianne

What is your nickname? Noble

Where did you grow up? Rockford, IL

What was your favorite class in school? English when I was younger. Philosophy and any psychology class in college

Who was your favorite band growing up? Only one? I listened to a lot of show tunes, John Lennon, and Alanis Morissette.

Name your 3 favorite jobs you’ve had? Camp counselor at a horse camp, live mannequin at my dad’s retail store as a kid, psychotherapist

What do you love doing more than anything else in the world?>Cooking and sharing a meal with the people I love.

What’s your favorite food? Potatoes in any form

Chocolate or vanilla? call or text? truth or dare? Chocolate and vanilla together. Text. Truth.

What is your greatest accomplishment? Realizing that as long as I stay in my truth and listen to myself I can accomplish whatever I set out to do!

What do you know now that you wish you knew then? That not knowing all of the answers is more powerful than thinking I know everything! The older I get, the less I know for sure and the more present I can be.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Either a lead dancer in professional musical theater or the owner of a cat rescue farm.

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