The Team


Victoria O: Owner/Founder, MA, LPC, LAC, CHCDC

Victoria is the President of Expand LLC. While trying to find my way as a young adult, I, like so many, experimented with alcohol and substances. This eventually lead to more than my share of tumultuous relationships, poor decisions, and an emptiness in knowing who I was. This eventually landed ...

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Julie F: Admissions Coordinator, M.Ed.

Julie is a trusted educational consultant, certified parent coach, licensed principal, and seasoned teacher based in Colorado. With a rich background spanning public, private, and online education, Julie brings over two decades of experience to the table....

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Yael KF: Outreach Coordinator, MA

Yael loves connecting people to each other and to meaningful causes. Aligned with Expand Mentoring's holistic vision and therapeutic approach, she brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to her role.Having experienced mental health challenges....

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Ellie M: Executive Assistant

Ellie M Executive Assistant   Ellie was born and raised in Broomfield, Colorado. Through her own personal experiences with anxiety, depression, and ADHD, as well as past experiences mentoring on other virtual platforms, Ellie is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness. Currently she is ...

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Sarah C: Client Care Coordinator, MA, LPC

Sarah is what we like to call- our magic unicorn. She has served many roles within Expand but now serves as our trusted Client Care Coordinator as well as an amazing Mentor. She completed her MA in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling at Naropa University and completed her...

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Cara B: MA, LMT

I am a wonderful combination of over 50 years of experiences, ups and downs! Each one of those experiences gave me bits and pieces, kind of like a jigsaw puzzle,...

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Roland J: BA

Roland was born and raised in Leesburg, VA, just outside of DC. He also spent a large part of his early life living in Harpers Ferry, WV, as well as Myrtle Beach, SC. Roland has worked in a therapeutic capacity in health, wellness, and recovery for nearly 10 years. ...

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Zack H: BA

Zack grew up in Dayton, O-H-I-O but life brought him to Colorado where he graduated with a BA in Anthropology from the University of Colorado (Go Buffs). He is a man of the outdoors which led him to working as an outdoor educator, ski technician, and a photographer. Growing up exploring the wild places ...

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Chantel W: B.S.

Chantel, a Colorado native, draws inspiration from the captivating Rocky Mountains. With a BS in Psychology and extensive training in Cognitive Behavior Coaching and Motivational Interviewing, she is a passionate Holistic Health Coach. Her mission is to help clients achieve their life goals while promoting well-being.

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Matthew R: BS

Matthew R Mentor BS Matthew was born in Maryland and grew up in Connecticut, Japan, Washington, and Virginia. He has traveled extensively, living in many different cultures which helped shape his worldview. Matthew moved to Colorado in 2015 after receiving a BS in Health Promotion from ...

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Stephanie R: BA, PCC

Stephanie is a passionate person who loves people and nature immensely. She has studied human behavior and emotions for over 15 years, translating that into a career helping people understand themselves, their emotions, and live in harmony with it all. ...

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Delaney D, BA (MA candidate)

Delaney received her BA of psychology at the University of Colorado Boulder and is now pursuing a Master of Social Work degree at Metro State University with the goal of becoming a mental health clinician. ...

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Peter C, BA

Peter has worked across a wide variety of industries in many countries and states with the goal of providing support for others in need. Several of his adventurous years were spent living in the woods as an outdoor leadership and team development guide for both youth and adults....

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Josh C: B.A. Candidate

Josh is currently deepening his knowledge at Naropa University, where he is finishing a BA in Clinical Psychology and Eastern Religions, with an emphasis on yoga and Buddhism. Josh’s journey in the mental health field began in 2019. He’s held several roles in many treatment settings. Josh even had the unique...

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