Over a period of three years, Victoria patiently guided me to a healthier, more independent place. The tools and skills I learned from her gave me the confidence to challenge myself and be successful. She was there for me to rely on when I was lost, and her support gave me the strength to decide I wanted a better life for myself. When I was looking in every direction for the answer to, "How do I get better?", Victoria gave me the greatest gift my helping me find it in myself.
In 2010, I made the decision to get help because I was addicted to substances that led me to make poor life decisions. I got the opportunity to work with Victoria Olson at my recovery center and my life turned around. It was not easy and I left for a period of time, but she helped me make better decisions, fix old behaviors, and I am alive. I have seen Victoria weekly for almost four years now and am grateful to have her in my life. She never hesitates to pick up the phone, she shows up, and she is a smart and amazing role model who has helped me become a better person in countless ways.
In my experience with treatment and seeking personal growth I have had good therapists and bad therapists, as hard as it is to say more bad therapists or counselors than good ones. Before meeting Victoria for the first time I had never had a “mentor” in the technical sense that she was not a therapist but more of a friend and guidance counselor than anything. In my opinion the reason that Victoria is so good at her job is because she is able to connect with the young adult she is working with. Another reason is her out there style and personality, she is not afraid to share her experiences, whether good or bad for the bettering of you. Personally I met with Victoria twice a week for almost 6 months and even though every time I dreaded going and sitting there with her discussing hardships with my family or talking about my grades in school, she was always there for me. Even though I would never admit this in person, because this is anonymous, she did help me change my view and outlook on life and my family drastically. Without her I sincerely believe my family and I would not be on talking terms.
I‘ve met a lot of people throughout the years of treatment and I think it is safe to say I have yet to encounter somebody as challenging as Victoria. I have also yet to encounter somebody so determined and passionate in their career. I’d forgotten that people were still cheering me on, and Victoria will never let me forget that again.
Victoria's talent and skill in connecting with young adults is without comparison. Over many years working with her, I have watched Victoria form lasting and transformative bonds with even the hardest to reach youths. She is truly gifted at what she does.
Angelo Ciliberti MA, LPC
I have had the great pleasure of working with Victoria for the past several years. She is a unique kind of mentor/therapeutic case manager in the sense that she has a strong balance between accomplishing tasks with the clients she serves while always seeking to deepen her connections with them. She uses her kindness, compassion, intelligence and logistical know-how to support what would otherwise be insurmountable tasks for her clients far more manageable for them, all-the-while getting to know them better as well as appreciate the clients for their unique gifts and aptitudes. She does this while allowing them to feel a healthy level of connection and consistency in the relationship and containment around processes that are anxiety-provoking and challenging for many young adults. She also is an excellent team member; always collaborative, fun-loving and a joy to be around.
Nikolas Maslow, MA, LPC
Having the opportunity to work with Victoria was a great learning experience for me personally. Victoria has the capacity to provide structure and direction, while meeting her clients with genuine compassion and understanding. Victoria's commitment to her work shows and the passion she brings to her work is felt by all those around her. I highly suggest Victoria as a therapeutic mentor!
Jamie Smalley MA LPC
My defiance and need to continuously sabotage my future was compounded with years of substance abuse. Victoria took me on after other mentors found me very difficult to work with. I grew to have a tremendous amount of respect for her because she exemplified patience & understanding as well as refusing to let me fall short/manipulate my way out of responsibilities. She contributed in the success that I am currently experiencing (I'm holding a part-time job, taking college classes & have developed a better relationship with my family – I never thought this was possible). Without having someone believe in my potential & guide me along, I would still be very lost today.


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