Life Organization & Social Skills

Are you or a loved one struggling in areas of Life Organization or Social Skills?

  • iStock_000020700720SmallHas school or work performance become an issue?
  • Is your loved one unmotivated, argumentative or engaging in drug or alcohol use?
  • Has your support and encouragement become meaningless?

Parents work hard to provide stability and guidance but it can be tricky walking the line between friend and disciplinarian. Often, the young people we work with have tumultuous relationships with their parents – even when their parents are paying their bills and being overly generous. They want their parents to pay for everything, but still be able to do whatever they want. Sound familiar?

As adults, we think we know how life should go and one day we turn around and think we have no idea how we got to where we are. We skipped learning the work/life balance, we don’t know how to organize our lives, and everything becomes overwhelming. This is where mentoring and coaching can play a part in everyone’s lives.

Our Mentors Can Help Get You or Your Loved One Back On The Path To Productivity

Part of what we help our clients do is figure out:

  1. What do I really want out of life?
  2. How do I compromise and find a happy medium between what I want and what pleases my parents?

Maybe you never learned basic life organization and social skills because of using drugs and/or alcohol. Maybe your loved one was (or still is) depressed or anxious. Perhaps they never learned to manage emotions and feelings and instead, developed unhealthy ways to cope with stress and pain.

We Can Help to Develop Relationships Based on Mutual Respect

All of our clients want to be independent. They want to feel confident in doing things on their own with love and understanding from others — even if they mess up from time to time. They want to feel like their loved ones have confidence in them coupled with the pride that comes with surviving on their own.

Therapy can be a wonderful tool to gain self-awareness, but it’s a different experience for everyone. Some people feel more comfortable and are more receptive to guidance when they are in their own environment. Our mentors meet you on neutral ground and help clients gain basic life and organizational skills that will help them succeed in the real world.

Our goal is to help you or your loved one develop a sense of gratitude and respect while also balancing his or her own interests and desires. Our mentors are trusted people who your loved one can call for guidance without judgment, who are connected to what he or she has done and the changes he or she has made in life. So much of mentoring, just like coaching, is about the relationship. Our mentors develop meaningful, transformational relationships and cooperatively develop life skills with the overarching goal of successful living.

Questions? We’re glad to answer any questions you may have about mentoring and how we can help teach life organization and social skills.

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