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Our support doesn’t stop with the client.

Your loved one is embarking on a new path and it can be challenging to know how to support them during the on-going journey of therapeutic work. We want you to know you are not alone during this journey. During this process, we provide guidance to families on how to simultaneously live the life they want while being there for the one they love. Alongside you, we will develop plans and goals, work on creative problem solving, and find alternative ways to communicate as a family. As part of our enrollment, families will receive 3 sessions with our Family Support Specialist so we can function as a team, learn new approaches, and learn to work with the specific challenges your loved one may face.

Why is Family Support an important part of mentoring?

Our Family Support Specialist offers a different perspective that gives guidance, reassurance, and suggestions to you and your loved one. We use expert advice and research to better understand family systems in order to encourage positive growth and identify challenge areas. As a Certified Addiction Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Parent Coach for over fifteen years, our family support specialist, Mindy Logan, has worked with families and young adults to help them develop healthy communication skills, manage severe emotional issues, reduce conflicts, increase awareness, and develop coping skills to manage behaviors. Nothing is more important to parents than the well-being of their children. As adults, we have ideas about being the “perfect parent” and then life happens. Our loved ones are masterful at throwing us curveballs that we think we know how to handle, but in reality, we could use some help. Mindy’s greatest strengths are her ability to see connections and patterns, offer insights, and provide concrete steps that will lead to lasting and positive changes. Our Priority when working with families is to strengthen one’s ability to engage in new patterns within the family system which will ultimately lead to healthier dynamics.

Upon completion of your included time with our Family Support Specialist, you will have the option to continue this process with Mindy or our partner Wise Roots with easy to access online courses at a special Expand Mentoring client discounted rate.

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